Nancy Bachmann

Concert Duets for Intermediate Pianists

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Composed and Annotated

by Nancy Bachmann

Études for Two:  This volume contains five engagin four-hand "Concert Duets," each with a different musical character to expand the players' interpretive experience and please audiences.  In addition, every piece focuses on a specific technique or skill that the intermediate pianist needs to master.

Playing duets has many special rewards, You'll...

  • Experience more confidence and less pressure when performing
  • Learn to listen and respond creatively to other musicians
  • Prepare yourself for the work that most pianists eventually do: accompany singers, instrumentalists, choirs; lead groups from the piano; play in bands and chamber ensembles
  • Perform more complex music as a team than an intermediate soloist could play
  • Master new techniques for ensemble playing
  • Solidify present skills and knowledge by sharing them with a peer

If you are interested in purchasing these duets, you will find them at

Sunset Music Company , createspace , Amazon

(Note that a larger sized version is available only from Sunset Music. All three locations carry the standard 8.5x11 size.)

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